The Cane Corso Mastiff

In Italy, one of the most desired dog breeds is the Cane Corso mastiff although dog enthusiasts can easily find one in their areas instead of travelling to the Italian countryside. Its popularity comes as no surprise considering that the Cane Corso is truly gifted with an athletic physique and mindset coupled with highly impressive agility, speed and energy. Add in its great sense of adventure and the Cane Corso is a dog to love with the expectation of being loved as a master returned by the magnificent canine.

Physique of an Athlete

In contrast with the Neapolitan mastiff, the physical standards for the Cane Corso lean toward impressive definition instead of sheer size. In fact, the general impression during dog shows for a champion Cane Corso mastiff is a powerful physique coupled with athleticism in the attitude.

The Cane Corso’s head is equally powerful with its apparent superior bite strength, hanging lip on the jaw line and dropped ears. Unlike the Neapolitan mastiff, however, the Cane Corso does not have significant dewlap folds on its face. Depending on the color of the coat, the nose color ranges from black to gray.

The Cane Corso’s coat comes in only two basic colors – black and fawn – although genetic pigment dilution can result in significant variations. Said variations include blue from the desired black and formentino from the valued fawn. Brindling is also present, thus, the tigrato effect of the blue or black brindle while white patches are also present on the chest, toes, and chin.

Behavior of a Gentle Warrior

The Cane Corso mastiff has its good and bad sides. Fortunately, the negative traits like destructive behavior when left alone for too long can be remedies with the proper training, plenty of socialization opportunities and sufficient exercise.

Unlike other mastiff breeds, the Cane Corso puppies are known to be friendly even toward strangers, which many owners appreciate since it is one less behavioral problem to deal with. But as the puppy matures, it will become more aloof and less trusting toward unfamiliar people and animals.

But in like manner as all mastiff breeds, the latent aggression in the Cane Corso can cause problems for the owner. Socialization for both human and animal contact is of utmost importance since it provides opportunities for the mastiff to develop good manners around others. Plus, excess energy in such a large breed can be expended with sufficient amount of playtime.

Early obedience training is also essential for the Cane Corso mastiff mainly because of its large size, latent aggression and leadership instincts. Fortunately, the breed is more responsive, more attentive and more confident than other mastiffs when it comes to training, which means that progress is impressive. The owner must be confident and consistent in his role as the alpha dog for the Cane Corso to respect his leadership of the pack.

Once trained, the Cane Corso mastiff forms a close attachment to its owner coupled with strong protective instincts. Crossing paths with it as a cute puppy was just the beginning of a love affair that will last for years to come.

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