Mastiff Behavior Problems – Chewing Up Items

Mastiffs are huge dogs with a large mouth that is very powerful. Now you might not realize it, but they do like to chew on things all the time. I know that for me my loving pet liked to try to make my rocking chair into the size that only a mouse would be able to use. I know that for some of us we do not like having them do this behavior. I know that for me it was difficult to learn what to do to get him to stop this and I never really did figure it out, but I did manage to find out how to distract him and I thought I would share that tip with you so that you can do the same thing for your Mastiff.

The one thing that I have found that helps out most is by providing my pet with bones to chew on. I know that this doesn’t help prevent or stop the problem, but it does spare my furniture! Which I know if you are like me you are going to want to preserve your furniture as much as possible because of the cost of replacing it. The downside is if you do use bones the cost can add up, but it is much cheaper than having to purchase new furniture all the time.

Now I know that for many people they will deal with the chewing problems of the Mastiff in different ways. However, for me I have found that by giving my pet a bone it works out best and manages to keep my furniture in one piece.

Tara currently owns one English Mastiff who is a giant baby. He is a very loving and caring dog for her children and does wonders in helping keep the children in the yard when they are outside playing. He is so well trained that he even listens to the children when they are around him. You can find a solution to help your mastiffs behavior at [].

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