How to Stop Your Mastiff Puppy or Dog From Biting

It is natural when puppies are young, to want to bite on something, especially if they are still teething. A young puppy whose teeth are breaking thru their gum lines, will want something to chew on. They will chew on a person’s hand, to help the teething pain go away, just like babies like to chew on teething rings.

When puppies are playing, they are going to want to snap and bite, but that is because they are playing, and it is completely natural when they do this. The sooner you can teach your puppy or dog not to bite, the better!

It is not a very good practice to play tug-a-war or chase your puppy around the house or yard type games. This will only make the matter worse in most cases. The puppy or dog will get all excited or scared, and his natural instincts will take over, and that might include biting or snapping at you.

You should never smack or hit your puppy, especially in the face. They might end of being afraid of you, or worse, they might think of you as a threat, and then try to bite you!

The other reason a puppy or dog might try to bite you, is they are trying to prove their dominance over you. Just like they are the alpha male dog, and you have to take care of this problem right away, before someone gets bit. If you do not teach your puppy to not bite, he or she will not know, and think it is acceptable behavior. You as the puppy or dog owner, have to put a stop to it right away.

If your puppy starts to bite your hand or foot, give them the command “No” and then replace your foot or hand with a chew toy. You need to teach them that biting you is unacceptable behavior.

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